PAC Shop Forms – Spring ’23

Shop Hours Request

Request access to the PAC Shop

You should schedule your 6 week meeting 6 weeks before your load-in date. Meetings will take place in the PAC Shop (4100 Walnut St, 2nd Floor). Please Ring Bell or enter code on door. We can also hold these meetings over Zoom. You will be able to select this option during the sign up.

The Tech Rider needs to be completed 4 weeks before your show date.

Use this form to communicate your production needs for University Life spaces – Class of 1949, Iron Gate, Irvine, Harrison, Rainey, and Bodek.

If this show is a Collaboration this form must be completed by both groups.
Please do not send 2 forms for a Collaboration or Space Share.

Use this form to request access to request access to Adobe Suite or Soundtrap from the PAC Shop.