PAC Shop Policies

Closed Toed Shoes are Required any time you are in the shop. 

  • No eating (or food in general) permitted in the PAC Shop without the PAC Shop’s permission. All food related trash must be removed immediately. 

  • Please sign up for Shop Hours at least 24 hours in advance. 

  • All costumes must be laundered before returning to stock.

    • The PAC Shop has a washer and dryer available. 

    • Laundry detergent/Fabric sanitizing spray will be provided. 

General Shop Policies:

  • All work sessions must be scheduled through the Technical Advisor’s office. Failure to do so will result in denial of use. Repeated failure may result denial of any future use.
  • Unsupervised work is not allowed.
  • Plans and projects must be approved by the Technical Advisor before work can begin.
  • It is expected that safety goggles and appropriate hearing protection will be worn when working with any kind of power equipment.
  • If you are not thoroughly familiar with the operation of a piece of equipment, obtain the necessary instruction from the Shop Supervisor or other qualified person before proceeding.
  • All tools are to be returned to their proper storage area at the end of a work session. Clean up at the end of  each work session. This includes: disposing of scrap lumber and materials, returning unused material and stock to its proper storage area, and sweeping the floor. All trash must be taken to the dumpster daily. The last 15-30 min. of each work session will be devoted to clean-up, so allow for it (even if you plan to return the same day).
  • No tools are to leave the shop without the permission of the Technical Advisor or Shop Supervisor. All tools must be signed out and inspected upon return. Lost tools must be replaced by the group responsible.
  • Report any damage or breakage of equipment to the Technical Advisor or Shop Supervisor immediately upon discovery. By doing so, the item can be repaired or replaced quickly without interfering with the work of everyone using the shop.
  • Groups must clean up all areas and materials used for painting at the end of the work session. This includes brushes, rollers, buckets and unused paint. All unused paint must be disposed of or stored properly.

The PAC Shop does not provide: paint, rollers/brushes, glue, glue sticks, tape, batteries, thread, or any other consumables. Please plan for your build before you arrive in to the shop. 


The safety of all who use the shop and traverse the stage are the highest priority. If someone is acting unsafe, conditions are unsafe, if you are unsure if something is unsafe, or if something feels unsafe, immediately let the PAC Shop staff or Venue staff know. 

Failure to abide by safety procedures could result in restrictions within the shop, restrictions on set construction, venue limitations, or in extreme cases, loss of shop access. A full list of safety procedures is coming soon.