Temporary repairs are complete in Iron Gate Theatre.

The roof damage in IGT has been secured with a temporary repair, allowing student performing arts activities to resume in the space as of Thursday, April 4th. If you are planning your show in this space, please be aware that the repair includes scaffolding which obstructs entrances from the far upstage right wing of the stage. There may be changes to show schedules, so please double check the ticketing pages and social media channels of groups whose shows you are planning to attend. THANK YOU to the entire performing arts community - artists, technicians, staff, and audiences - for banding together to navigate this challenge! On with the shows!

Platt Student Performing Arts House offers a supportive programmatic home for creative exploration and expression.

We advise and train students pursuing their extracurricular passions for the performing arts and those preparing for a career in the arts. 

Platt Student Performing Arts House is named for 1979 graduates Marc E. and Julie Beren Platt.

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