Arts Equity

Student Performing Arts Equity at Penn

Platt House and the PAC Shop are an advisory home to a vast array of dancers, designers, singers, stagecrew, costumers, choreographers, poets, instrumentalists, producers, comedians, technicians, and thespians.
In this large and complicated network of student-run performance groups, our artists are variably privileged and challenged, centered and marginalized, within their groups and within the broader student culture at Penn. We’re always looking for ways to interrogate these gaps and address the changing needs of our artists.
In coordination with our mission of campus engagement, our Arts Equity programming works towards constant development in our programming to serve the full performing arts community in all its different disciplines and forms, while pursuing equity, inclusion, and greater accessibility in their operations.

Anonymous Feedback Form

The Anonymous Feedback Form for Students of Color and Anonymous Feedback Form for Access and Inclusion are intended to provide an anonymous space for students to name issues, express concerns, and offer suggestions to help Platt House, the PAC Shop, and the student performing arts at Penn community become more equitable and just entities and spaces.

Black Arts Series

Platt House’s Black Arts Series is an initiative in support and celebration of Black creative expression, performance, and artivism on Penn’s campus. We seek visibility for Black creatives in current, incoming, and graduated classes to find, inspire, and collaborate with each other, and we aspire to repopulate and revitalize those Black affinity student performing arts groups whose membership took a hit over the past years of remote and socially distanced activities.

Community Ticket Program

Community Ticketing Program

The Community Ticketing Program, which serves students as well as local community partners, facilitates greater engagement with our performing arts groups by keeping ticket costs from being a financial barrier. Sign up for free ticket offers, or donate seats to your own performance.

DEIA Newsletter Corner

Curated by Jessica Lin, C’23 and E’24, this space is dedicated to sharing engaging books, podcasts, TEDTalks, films, and articles that are relevant to DEIA. Her hope is that these resources can spark change on the individual level through reflection and then impact the way we show up for our groups, the performing arts community, other Penn spheres, and in our personal lives in general. DEIA Corner is archived online and published in our weekly Student Performances Newsletter. Join the newsletter for a backstage pass to all things DEIA!

Think Tank

Think Tank

Think Tank (formerly the Advisory Committee on Inclusive Programming) is an open student assembly supported by Platt House staff and a student DEI Coordinator on the PAC Executive Board. In facilitated meetings, we brainstorm equity initiatives to support the ever-changing needs and interests of our student performing arts community. Join our interest list to get reminders about upcoming Think Tank meetings.

Peer Review

Performing Arts Peer Education & Review

Our newest initiative, Performing Arts Peer Education & Review (PAPER) is a dialogue and feedback system to help arts groups align their work with their values and intentions. We are looking for student reviewers interested in equity and representation in the arts to participate as Peer Reviewers for our upcoming launch! Apply to be a Peer Reviewer here.