SPAN (Student Performing Arts Night)

SPAN brings together 50+ student performing arts groups and hundreds of new Penn performing artists for a whirlwind collage of short, get-to-know-you performances. Organized and produced by the PAC Executive Board with support from Platt Student Performing Arts House and the PAC Shop, this night of entertainment invites all students, but especially first-year and transfer students, to get a taste for the wide variety of performing clubs at Penn before entering audition season each fall.

SPAN 2022

Event Details

Wednesday, August 31 at 7:00pm
Zellerbach Auditorium at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, 3680 Walnut St


$5 General Admission
Purchase at the Penn Live Arts box office or online through the Penn Live Arts website.


Group Discounts available for Residential Groups and Programs. RAs may request these through the RA Order Form.
Individual discounts are available to members of the Platt House Community Ticketing Program. Read more about the Community Ticketing Program here!

Livestream the show:

SPAN 2020-2021

Featuring (in order of appearance):

Penn Band,
Quadramics Theatre Company,
Sparks Dance Company,
Penn Jazz Ensemble,
Full Measure,
West Philly Swingers,
Penn Glee Club,*
African Rhythms,
Penn Sirens,*
Quaker Notes,
Onda Latina,
Penn Atma,
4A (African American Arts Alliance,
Penn Dhamaka,
Dischord A Cappella,
Bloomers Comedy,
Soundworks Tap Factory,
Penny Loafers,
Without a Net,
Penn Dance,
iNtuitons Theatre Company.


Please note that Penn Glee Club and Penn Sirens merged in Spring 2021, forming a united, non-gendered choir with SSAA and TTBB subgroups!


Presented by from members of our 2020/2021 PAC Executive Board: Tech Chair Hannah Paquet, ACK Chair Henry Platt, DAC Chair Hannah Lottenberg, and SMAC Chair Ayaka Shimada.

Video editing by Mars Berger, James Grant, Amanda Labonte, and Hannah Paquet. Produced by Hannah Paquet.

Featuring (in order of appearance):

The Inspiration,
Penn Singers,
Off the Beat,
Penn Yalla,
Stimulus Children’s Theatre,
Arts House Dance Company,
Penn Masala,
Penn Sargam,
Penn Chinese Theatre,
Penn Six-5000, Penn Lions,
WAVe (West African Vibe),
Keynotes A Cappella,
Penn Masti,
Penn Raas,
Hype Dance Crew,
Penn Enchord A Cappella,
Disney A Cappella,
Front Row Theatre Company,
Penn Dure,
New Spirit of Penn Gospel Choir (NSP),
Mask & Wig,
Strictly Funk,
Penn Players, 
Pan-Asian Dance Troupe.


Presented by members of our 2020/2021 PAC Executive Board: TAC-e Chair Adam First, Community Service Chair Connor Beard, and Tech Chair Hannah Paquet.

Video editing by Mars Berger, James Grant, Amanda Labonte, and Hannah Paquet. Produced by Hannah Paquet.