Wallace Award Winner Tejaswi Bhavaraju shares his summer highlights

Wednesday, October 19, 2022
"... [T]he Wallace Award was immensely helpful in financially supporting my internship travel and research expenses."
Tejaswi Bhavaraju
C'23, W'23

Our winner of the 2022 George & Jane Wallace Summer Performing Arts Internship Award shared a peek at his summer experience interning with Jumpcut Media! 

"Many thanks to the Platt House for funding my internship experience at Jumpcut Media this past summer! Jumpcut is a film startup in San Francisco that creates new Intellectual Property via NFT collections and a traditional TV slate. Working as an Assistant to the Producer ofa TV Show in Development, the Wallace Award was immensely helpful in financially supporting my internship travel and research expenses. For all students pursuing an internship in a creative field and looking for financial assistance, apply to the Wallace Award in the Spring!"

Teju is the recipient of a $3000 stipend to fund his summer internship experience, which for past awardees has been used to cover transportation, wardrobe, or living expenses for paid and unpaid work in the performing arts and entertainment industries.

"During my internship, I assisted the executives on the traditional content slate of Jumpcut Media which involved television shows in development. I got to work as the producer's assistant on one of the shows and manage the relationship between the writers' team and our company as the producer. Additionally, our company was developing an AI-backed writing tool that can help buyers of narrative-driven NFTs to create characters and flesh out storylines using the tool. My internship also involved building this tool, which entailed studying existing AI-backed writing tools, and then designing the language that is required to feed into a language model to get out something that can emulate human storytelling.

Black Arts in the Spotlight

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

We’re reaching across Philadelphia to gather up some of the Black joy, Black experiences, and Black art happening near you! The Black Arts Series is a platform for artists at Penn to connect, inspire each other, and perhaps – collaborate! This effort centers on supporting and spotlighting student performing arts groups, particularly those who have been hard hit by membership drops during virtual and remote activities of the pandemic. Visit the Black Arts Series page to learn more.

SPAN returns to the stage

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

After two years of virtual presentation, the annual Student Performing Arts Night returned to the Zellerbach stage this fall! Our students held on to the benefits of digital accessibility by livestreaming to show to over 600 screens across the globe, reaching audiences from Peru to Malaysia. The show kicked off an energetic audition season for our 60+ PAC and Independent student performing arts clubs.

Missed the show? Watch this recording of SPAN 2022, courtesy of Penn Live Arts and University Life.

Jaden Cloobeck launches memory project online

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

“A Covid-19 Archive for Performing Artists at the University of Pennsylvania”

This Covid-19 archive for performing artists at Penn is a memory work proposal created by Jaden Cloobeck, C’22. Its mission: “to document and archive the stories of student-performing artists and arts administrators to heal, remember and celebrate the resilience of the student performing arts community at the University of Pennsylvania.” Click here to explore the student testimonials and learn more

Jaden is also the host of Season 2 of our Backstage @ Platt House podcast: Performing Arts in the Pandemic! Listen to episodes here.

Announcing an expansion to our Community Ticketing Program!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Free Tickets to Student Shows

Platt House’s Community Ticketing Program has expanded to better serve students as well as community partners, facilitating greater engagement with our performing arts groups by keeping ticket costs from being a financial barrier. Learn more here!