Administrative Staff

Platt Student Performing Arts House
Laurie McCall 215-898-2312
Associate Director
Platt Student Performing Arts House
Megan Edelman 215-898-2150
Program Coordinator
Platt Student Performing Arts House
Sara Outing 215-898-2312
Technical Advisor
Performing Arts Council (PAC) Shop
Amanda Labonte 215-898-5823
Shop Supervisor Performing Arts Council (PAC) Shop Michelle Moller 215-898-5823

Other Important Contacts

Annenberg Center Director of Production Adam Riggar 898-3369
Annenberg Center Director of Audience Services Beth Jamieson 898-5318
Visual Sound Technical Director Dawn Blandford 573-8511
Annenberg Center Box Office Manager Al Freeman 215-898-9081
Assistant to the Director of VPUL Facilities: for Irvine Events Laura Carney 215-573-4638
VPUL Facilities Assistant: for Tickets in HH, IGT, Irvine and HH set up for shows Antaya Alverest 215-898-5552
Office of Student Affairs Financial Advisor to PAC Danielle Crumb Fike


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Perelman Quad Manager Cell Number (For Immediate Rehearsal/Venue Problems in PQ): (215) 399-6019