Community Ticketing Program

Every semester, Platt House works with the PAC groups to organize a ticket donation for each of your shows. In years past, these tickets have been shared with community organizations around the city. This year, we will continue to donate to our community partners, but we are expanding this program to share tickets with FGLI students and other students at Penn who find it difficult to afford tickets to the amazing shows put on by their peers. Therefore, our newly updated Community Ticketing Program has two components:

  • Tickets for Students
    • Powered by ticket donations from PAC groups and ticket purchases from GIC and Platt House.
    • GIC representatives will pick up the physical tickets in advance of the shows and distribute to students as appropriate
  • Tickets for Community Organizations
    • Powered by ticket donations from PAC groups.
    • Platt House will communicate the name of the partnering organization, so groups can hold the tickets for them at will call.

Benefits for your organization when donating:

  • Widening your fan base and getting new audience members in to see your shows
  • Filling the house for undersold performances
  • Giving back to the community and potentially qualifying for the Francis Johnson Baton award for altruism

We hope you will commit to making some number of tickets available for at least one performance, and we are not requesting that you donate tickets to every performance of your show’s run. For example, if you have three shows in your run, one each on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we are requesting tickets for one night. Groups should feel free to donate more, as appropriate.

For more information about ways to give back to the community, check out the PAC Community Service page.