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Stephanie R. McNeal, W’91

They say that everyone has a soundtrack to their lives, and I am very grateful that. If I am ever challenged to put my official playlist together, “there will be lots of references to my Penn years in that collection.

Although I’ve been an artsy chick for my entire life, it is at Penn where I officially discovered that my talents were more than a fluke or a hobby. After struggling socially and academically first semester freshman year, it was my involvement in arts groups: Penn Gospel Choir, Penn Black Arts League and, eventually, The Inspiration that gave me the support, the confidence and the belief in my talents to know that any challenge was surmountable. They provided a platform for me to shine, when I felt dim and unsure. And whether acting, arranging, directing or singing, I discovered that I could lead. I could shine, in my own special way. I didn’t have to be the only star in the sky, but I could be among them, confidently.

Since graduating from Penn, I have used those creative gifts and talents honed as an undergraduate in every professional position I have accepted throughout my career. From the corporate world of marketing and advertising, to classrooms where I have encouraged other teens to write, act, sing, create a space for themselves. In my job on talk radio, where daily I get to debate, educate and explore what’s going on in the world and the role we all play in building solutions. And yes, on stage…where I have been blessed to act in some amazing productions, or record my own music and travel internationally to share it with fans. Every one of my successes can be attributed to talents that were passed down to me from birth, but were fine-tuned through my experiences as a student at Penn and my active involvement in the arts groups that flourish on campus.

As a Platt House Advisory Board Member, it is my distinct hope that I can continue to create opportunities for other youth to blossom at Penn as I did. To stand in that spotlight, shine and find their uniquely special voice.