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Lolita Jackson, E’89

Lolita Jackson, E’89

Get to know our featured Alum—Lolita Jackson! Lolita was always a performing artist. She had always played instruments but found that she had a gift for singing when she came to Penn. Thus, she joined the Gospel Choir, which led to her being recruited by Counterparts. She also fondly recalls performing in the Quadramics Fling musical, Jesus Chris Superstar, with a star-studded cast. Lolita also kept busy by writing for the DP, singing with a jazz band, and as a member of Friars Senior Society. Her favorite Penn memory stems from her Senior Jamboree when Counterparts collaborated with Without a Net, Penn Six, and some guest a cappella groups. They practiced all of Spring Break and performed to a sold out Irvine Auditorium.

Being so active in the arts at Penn made her realize that she could continue her passion for the arts beyond her college career. She had interacted with many people who had shown her that this dream was entirely possible. She realized that she could choose to have the career that she wanted and continue to sing as well.

Lolita currently works for the New York City Mayor’s office. She actively works with domestic and foreign governments to ensure that they are aware and informed on climate issues. However, the arts still play a huge role in Lolita’s life. She is the lead singing of the band Colibri, which focuses on Jazz funk from the late 80s to early 90s. Though the band lives in Scotland, Lolita travels there for performances and will be performing in Edinburgh in August. The arts have always been a solace for Lolita and helped her through all the different stages of her life. She advises that Penn performing artists should continue to stay connected with each other and alumni. She notes from experience that the relationships you form with likeminded artists are ones that you will treasure forever, so be  sure to foster and nurture them.

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