COVID Safety

As of Monday, April 18th, the University will be returning to a mask requirement for indoor campus spaces.

This requirement also extends to all activities conducted as official student group events, such as rehearsals and meetings, in on- and off-campus spaces. Exemptions are available for performances, photoshoots, and filming, but require written permission and additional testing in advance. Please see below for more information and read our Masking Exemption policies for student performing arts.

Specialized masks and barriers for breath instruments are required and available from our staff during work hours. Please review the latest Public Health Guidancecontact our team at, or email a staff member directly with your questions!

Last updated: April 15, 2022

COVID Safety Policy

Food in Platt House

  • Food is never permitted in the rehearsal rooms. 
    • Only water should be consumed in the rehearsal rooms. 
  • Food will be permitted in the Platt House Lobby only until Sunday, April 17th. Beginning Monday, April 18th, food will no longer be allowed inside Platt House and rehearsal spaces. Until then, review the following recommendations for best practices:
    • Please do not overcrowd tables – We recommend one to two persons to a table. 
    • Please do not eat food near entrances and exits. These areas should remain unblocked at all times, and food should be consumed away from these areas so people can pass you without concern. . 
    • If tables or spaces are marked as designated “no food” spaces, please be sure to honor this requirement
    • Eat outside when possible, bring the tables and chairs back in when done so they don’t get stolen.
  • If students in your company are uncomfortable with indoor dining, please be respectful of their concerns. 
  • This policy could change at any time. 

Student Performing Arts Activities (all but performance)

  • Masking continues to be required for indoor student performing arts gatherings (including rehearsals, classes, lessons, and meetings) indefinitely.
    • Since indoor rehearsals and meetings are often densely populated and allow for lengthy exposure, these activities are to be treated like classroom spaces through Sunday, April 17th.
    • After Monday, April 18th, a campus-wide masking requirement goes into effect which includes all rehearsal spaces. 
    • Individuals practicing alone in rehearsal rooms may not be unmasked after Sunday, April 17th.
  • In the event that classroom and rehearsal masking requirements are lifted, Platt House continues to strongly recommend that all individuals continue to wear masks during indoor student performing arts activities. 
  • As per the current health guidance, the daily use of PennOpen Pass is required of all Penn community members on campus.
  • Health Marshalls are still required to check for green Penn OpenPasses, record attendance and contact information, and document elevated-risk activities.
  • Other spaces on campus may have additional requirements. Please check in with those spaces. 
  • Virtual rehearsals, outdoor programming, and social distancing are still viable and useful tactics for added risk mitigation. Please consider the comfort levels and risk factors in conversation with your membership, and find ways for everyone to participate within their range of comfort.


  • The below policies for performance are valid only through Sunday, April 17th. Beginning Monday, April 18th, groups must secure a Masking Exemption permission from Platt House in order to have limited unmasked time during one mic check, one dress rehearsal, and stage time during performances. Please read our Masking Exemption policy for full information.
  • Masking
    • The mask mandate is lifted for student group members as well as audience members for performances in the large performance venues on campus, effective immediately. This does not apply to rehearsals – see above.  
    • All individuals are welcome to continue wearing masks for any reason. 
  • Testing
    • Platt House strongly recommends that all student group members involved with an in-person production continue to obtain at least one weekly PCR test the week of their show, the week before, and the week after to minimize any outbreaks within the group that may derail performance schedules. 
    • Discuss with your groups the benefit of testing in advance and potentially catching any cases before they spread. If students realize that they are COVID-positive too late in the process, they may be unable to participate in performances and this could result in cancellations.
  • Screening and Contact Tracing
    • Health Marshalls are required to continue checking for green Penn OpenPasses, recording attendance and contact information, and documenting elevated-risk activities. 
    • All audience members are required to present green PennOpen Passes or green PennOpen Campus Passes to be permitted to attend a performance. 
  • Equipment and Sanitation
    • We continue to recommend that performers avoid sharing microphones. The PAC Shop provides disposable mic covers and cleaning supplies for microphones.
      • If sharing is going to occur, consider getting vocal parts which are required to have close contact with microphones (Typically Vocal Percussion/Beatboxers or Basses) their own microphone (instead of sharing). 
      • For musical theater groups – consider microphone belts and/or having individuals with a lot of movement remain on their own microphone.
      • If you have questions about best practices for microphones, please reach out to the PAC Shop at
    • We strongly recommend that groups supply their performers and crew with readily accessible gel sanitizer (hands), disinfectant wipes (high-traffic surfaces, shared props, and microphones), sanitizing sprays (costumes), and mouthwash (staged kisses). Platt House and the PAC Shop can provide these cleaning supplies on request.
  • Venues may have additional requirements. Please check in with your venue. 

Virtual accessibility is here to stay.

Over the past year we’ve learned that offering group activities online increases accessibility and can be a huge benefit to members and audiences alike. We’re taking these lessons with us into the new semester! Please consider the resources below to develop virtual engagement in your performing arts groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Group Activities

All Platt Student Performing Arts House COVID Safety guidelines apply to all student performing arts clubs. Our safety protocols are developed in partnership and compliance with the Office of Student Affairs (overseeing Student Activities) and Campus Health (overseeing all activities on Campus). Please contact us if you have questions about your group’s plans and compliance.

Any group photoshoots or filming projects conducted in indoor practice rooms before March 28 should be masked, unless the group is granted a written Masking Exception for the event. Activities conducted outdoors may be unmasked, but we highly recommend social distancing to mitigate the risk of transmission.

Mask wearing is currently optional under the University’s Public Health Guidance. You may ask your peers to consider masking, especially in group settings, if you feel comfortable doing so – but ultimately, the University’s Guidance supports masking as an individual decision. Individuals may have a variety of different reasons for this decision, and we should all respect the ability of our peers to choose how they show up in this moment.


Groups having shows will be required to continue following all the COVID Safety policies that are in place for the rest of their activities. Additionally, they will need to screen all audience members using the PennOpen Pass or PennOpen Campus portals and record contact information for all audience attendees. 

Groups may substitute rapid tests during the week of Spring Break, while traveling cast members are unable to access free PCR testing. Contact Platt House if you are unable to obtain PCR tests for other reasons.

You may perform with alumni, non-Penn members, and guests as long as they present a green PennOpen Pass.

Space Access

 Our staff requests permission from Campus Health to schedule intermittent storage appointments during COVID closures. Please contact Platt House staff at or the PAC Shop at with your request.

Virtual Performing Arts

Find information and resources on livestreaming, recording, and Zoom performance on our Virtual Performing Arts FAQ.


Student Campus Compact (University-wide) – Community health agreements that all students must comply with in order to remain on campus
City of Philadelphia COVID-19 Guidance ( – Documents outlining best practices for education settings, arts and culture, and businesses
COVID-19 Guidelines for Campus Visitors – Guidelines for working with non-Penn-affiliated instructors, directors, and visitors

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