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COVID Safety for Indoor Practice – Spring 2021

Safety Guidelines for Indoor Practice in Platt House


Remember: in accordance with the Office of Student Affairs guidelines, group activities must primarily virtual. In-person activities may not be mandatory for membership!

Whatever meetings, rehearsals, workshops, auditions, and performances you plan must be University-sanctioned, and should be conducted with remote engagement as the primary means of participation, allowing members to decline in-person activity based on their personal assessments of risk or while away from campus. For more information, please read the OSA’s Spring 2021 Rules for Student Groups.

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The Rules:

Practice rooms may be accessed through approved reservations only. The Platt House lobby, offices, and other spaces remain off-limits due to COVID Safety restrictions.

  • All attendees must be current Penn students
  • All attendees must wear masks at all times. 
  • All attendees must present their Green Penn Open Passes and be prepared to present their Penncards.
  • Practice use is limited to 30 minutes max. 
  • The max capacity for room 176 is 1 person
  • The max capacity for rooms 175, 177, 179, and 180 is 2 people
  • Attendees must remain at least 6 ft. apart at all times or more depending on the arts discipline.
    • Attendees who are singing, dancing, drumming, or playing breath instruments must remain at least 12 ft. apart at all times when engaging in these activities/using instruments.
  • Attendees who are playing breath instruments must use additional personal protective equipment (i.e. bell covers, instrument bags, and overlapping flap masks) to capture aerosols and droplets. 
  • No eating or drinking is permitted, except water. To drink water, attendees must move at least 12 ft. away from anyone present, lift masks, drink, and prompty place their masks back on. 
  • No lingering in the lobby or rooms for which attendees do not have a confirmed reservation.
  • Please enter through Stouffer Commons, where Penn Open Passes will be checked, use the stairs or elevator to head directly to Platt House. Penncards are required to enter the space.
  • When entering Platt House, check in with the staff member on duty to sign in all attendees for practice usage. 
  • No walk ups permitted.

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